Proto-Temple Membership encompasses everyone who has formally joined Mystic Labyrinth under the premise that they attend as many Esbat and Sabbats as they can. Members are entitled to attend all celebrations, gatherings, rituals, courses, and workshops offered through the Proto-Temple. Members may decide to register for membership within the Correllian Tradition, but this is not a requirement to become a Mystic Labyrinth member.

The Proto-Temple does not discriminate membership applications on the basis of age, color, gender, handicapped status, height, marital status, national origin, political persuasion, race, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status, or weight. The only legal requirement is that you are at least 18 years of age when you apply for membership.



Outer Court

Outer Court Members are registered members of the Tradition who are not members of the Priesthood. Outer Court Members may attend public ceremonies, take part in many Temple activities, and belong to Temple Orders. The Outer Court constitutes the laity of the Tradition. By far the larger number of Correllians are Outer Court Members and they form the back bone of the Tradition. All Outer court members of our Shrine must enroll for the Living the Wiccan Life Course, which provides a good grounding in our practices.


A Dedicant is a person who has dedicated a period of one year and one day to study and training toward the Priesthood. During this period the Dedicant is considered a member of the Inner Court. At the end of their year and a day the Dedicant may return to Outer Court status, or request First Degree initiation.

Clergy Members

Shrine members who hold First, Second, or Third Degree Priest/ess status within the Shrine and the Correllian Tradition.

High Priesthood

Shrine members who hold Third Degree Priest/ess status within the Shrine and the Correllian Tradition.

Mystic Labyrinth


Solitary Members

Solitary practitioners may choose to apply for membership with the Proto-Temple and we understand you may only be making occasional contact.

Active Members

Members who attend Proto-Temple activities on a regular basis and may or may not be enrolled for clerical training but actively participate in all other areas.


Mystic Labyrinth membership has a number of benefits

  • Learn about Wicca, Paganism, and spirituality
  • Commune in a safe, online place with like-minded people
  • Attend seasonal Sabbat and Esbat celebrations
  • Outer Court Membership to the Correllian Tradition
  • Access to First, Second, and Third Degree Correllian Wicca courses
  • Obtain clergy status with the Correllian Tradition
  • Access to various holistic healing services through the Proto-Temple 


Please contact us for current membership fees.

Members are required to make or purchase their own ritual garb (robes and cloaks). Stoles and patches can be purchased directly from the Corr Store.

Members are expected to make or purchase their own ritual tools.

From time-to-time, donations may be requested toward ritual tools, supplies, or specific Proto-Temple projects.


If you like what you have discovered on this site and are thinking about joining Mystic Labyrinth, we encourage you to take some time to consider your decision. We speak with all interested applicants via video call, to ensure your vision is aligned with our Proto-Temple's. Give yourself the time to get clear on why you would like to join Mystic Labyrinth and what your expectations are. We look forward to meeting you!

To apply for membership, download and complete the Membership Application. Return the completed application along with a copy of your ID to


Please note that we require information about applicants for the safety of our Proto-Temple and our members. Your personal information is strictly confidential and will only be accessed by the Proto-Temple Keeper.

After your documents have been submitted, we will be in touch to arrange for a video call, so please be sure you have stable Internet, a PC, laptop, or tablet, and a webcam available, and Zoom downloaded.

We look forward to meeting you!

First Degree
Second Degree
Third Degree